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Track Name: Appetency: Fed Through the Mouth of Optimism, Shat Out the Asshole of Futility
Millenia of actuality attenuated me
Millenia of actuality attenuated me
Why does nothing ever seem to help this situation?
Oh its horrible Oh its horrible Oh its horrible Oh its horrible
I think I finally see
theres only one true path to take
Death is a sagacious fox
but I have him caught by his feet
I will consume myself over and over until I no longer exist
munch munch munch
Self consumption
Self putrification
Track Name: Selvage: A Public Demonstration of Self-Immolation
Here I am
I burn
I am known
for all of time
Track Name: 2000 mg Deep: Where Dem J-Papes At?
Multi-colored, egg-shaped pebbles
pave the road in front of me
So profoundly astonishing
these inscriptions comfort me
you humans have such interesting ways
to alleviate the pain
of existence
1 pills, 2 pills, 10 pills oh...
I don't know what the fuck is going on
I'm seeing things I thought I
Never see
My mind is stuttering
I feel another presence here
the algid hand I've longed for
Nothing can help me
Distancing myself... Time fleeting
Alive? Alive? Alive?!
Track Name: Landsraad: The Onerous Combustion
Recently responded to the received radio
Tip toe towards the top until my toes start to tear
1250 Celsius
Cast myself into the earth
Her insides forever burn
Fuck this shit
This process of combusting is an onerous affair
But nothing compares to the time I’ve lived
Fuck, this hurts, this hurts so
Why can I still hear myself thinking
I should have departed by now
but... but no... fuck…
The preparations failed once again
What happened? What happened?
Inside inside inside a fucking rock
One thousand, one thousand
Years of floating on a molecular level
I’ve got all the time I need
To think of another way
to self-destruct
Time passed by
I throw it away
My atoms are always trying to find eachother
Track Name: Tributary: Restitution Passed the Event Horizon
I used to dream about the days when I would die and they’re finally here
A way that can destroy spacetime, destroy everything
But especially special me
Create a bomb that creates a star that collapses and creates a blackhole that will end all our lives
Don’t be scared, Like I said
Embrace the end
These tattered wings will carry me right
If I can be food for worms
We’ll see
But hopefully
Sequence complete
What a glorious time
A star is born to send us on
The core has reached critical density, you’ll have to forgive me
The high flux of neutrinos has caused the core to collapse
Set it off, set it off
The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
Being reduced to a singularity
Some beg for immortality
But I want nothing more than the choice between to be or not to be